Emergency Machining and Manufacturing Repairs

Picture1Your machine is down, part crashed, OEM says 4 to 6 weeks, or worse the OEM is out of business. You have no print for your part, but you still have production demands. You were rebuilding your machine and forgot to order that one detail that’s a 3 weeks out, and the clock is ticking.

Who do you call……

Call 1-866-RTD-FAST. Let us get YOU, back on YOUR schedule. RTD manufacturing has been relied on by many companies to do just this. Ford Motor Company, Dextech Fastener Technologies, Michigan Automotive Compressor Inc., and Georgia pacific just to name a few have relied on us to be there when other repair options were not there.

RTD Manufacturing Inc. is ready to support your needs 24 hours a day! We have the full capability to repair broken parts, make new repair components, weld broken fabrications, rebush bearing pockets, plus much more.

Give us your broken pieces, a part to copy, an engineered drawing or scratches on a napkin and we will make it FAST. Most likely, better than new.

Easy to remember 1-866-RTD-FAST / 1-866-783-3278 24 / 7 365 Days