RTD Government Systems is focused on serving the needs of the government markets.  RTD has been providing innovative engineering, manufacturing and technology solutions to the United States government, it’s allies.

RTD products range from several government agencies and systems. We are engaged in multiple levels and development programs. We deal with several levels from design, prototype and production.

RTD partners with Primes, Tier II and Tier III companies, augmenting their engineering teams to assist in completing new product designs and then functions as a virtual factory to manage the supply chain, manufacture and distribute finished products, and provide life cylcle support ranging from parts obsolescence management to depot maintenance and repair, through teaming arrangements with both small and large companies and our allies.

RTD is participating in the design and production of a number of technologically significant programs aimed at fulfilling governmental needs.

Due to the sensitivity of this subject matter, we invite you to contact RTD for more information.

Click to download government supplement documents to RTD general provisions for subcontracts and purchase orders.